There are 30 (thirty) hospital beds, 2 (two) reception-consulting rooms and a reception desk for patients at the Radiotherapy department. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art  units such as two TrueBeam STX multimodal linear accelerators, one of them has a  radiosurgery upgrade (Edge attachment) and a high power dose Flexitron brachytherapy system.

Possibilities for treatment of malignant and non-cancerous diseases by independent radiotherapy, postoperative radiotherapy and/or combined x-ray treatment are available at the the department. Patients with tumors of the mammary gland, uterus cervix and body (endometrium), uterus, pharynx, larynx and oral cavity, rectum and anus, lung, prostate and urogenital system, and brain tumors are treated. Palliative radiotherapy in bone metastases or bleeding is also carried out for analgesia and haemostasis purposes.

Preoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy for treating tumors of rectum and anus and combined radiotherapy for uterus cervix (percutaneous radiotherapy + intracavitary brachytherapy) are performed which give better results than direct surgical treatment at some clinical stages.

Definitive radiotherapy is performed aimed at treating lung cancer and brain tumors with possibilities for radiosurgery when indications for them are appear. The most up-to-date treatment strategy for preserving all or part of the sick organ will be applied in the cases of larynx, pharynx, oral cavity, bladder, rectum tumors and hypofractionated breast cancer regimens that provide comparable therapeutic outcomes in shortened healing time.An Ionizing Radiation Clinical Dosimetry Laboratory has also been established.

Five physicians, three of whom are have Radiotherapy and one has Oncology specialization, five physicists, ten X-ray technicians and nine nurses work at the department.


Tel. + 359 357 88 584


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