The Department of Medical Oncology provides the following services:

  • Diagnostics, staging and treatment of all types of solid malignant tumors in adults;
  • Consultation, diagnostics, staging and treatment of rare tumors – neuroendocrine, GIST, etc.;
  • Patient follow-up;
  • Psychological and social assistance to oncology patients;
  • Clinical trials in the field of Medical Oncology.


The Department of Medical Oncology is one of the few in the country providing:

  • Discussion by a multidisciplinary team of all cases of patients with malignancies – Tumor Board;
  • Interventional Oncology;
  • Molecular Pathology;
  • Evaluation of therapeutic response to systemic drug therapy with the RECIST 1.1. system;
  • Combined chemoradiotherapy;
  • Collaboration with leading foreign oncologists. Patient consultations (including online).


Psychosocial counseling, distress testing and psychometric assessment of patients are provided in the department. We employ a wide range of psychological services to improve the quality of life of our patients, and these services are available to both patients and their relatives.


The department implements all modern methods of systemic antitumor therapy – chemotherapy (neoadjuvant, adjuvant, for metastatic disease and palliative), target therapy (neoadjuvant, adjuvant, for metastatic disease and palliative), endocrine therapy (hormone therapy), biological therapy (cytokines, somatostatin receptor analogues).


Patient follow-up includes regular examinations and tests.


The department is involved in the postgraduate training of doctors and nurses and provides courses on Medical Oncology in Bulgarian and English.


The department’s team consists of 6 physicians, 15 nurses, 6 administrators and 2 clinical psychologists.


General info: 30 hospital beds, day unit (9 chemo chairs), patient follow-up center and clinical trials center. Hospital rooms are 2-bedded or 4-bedded. All of them have:

  • En-suite bathrooms;
  • Air-conditioning;
  • Remote controlled TV;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Hi-tech patient alarm system;
  • Oxygen therapy system.




Consultation with the Head of the Medical Oncology Department BGN 60,00
Consultation with a specialist physician or a clinical psychologist BGN 40,00
Tumor Board case presentation BGN 50,00
Chemotherapy infusion up to 12 hours BGN 150,00
Chemotherapy infusion up to 48 hours BGN 500,00
Overnight fee for people accompanying a patient (relatives/caretakers) BGN 20,00 per night

Тel. +359 884 296 946


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