The Uni Hospital Department of Urology has a 3rd level standard.

The activity of the Department aims at a comprehensive approach in the diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases, having a priority in the prostate gland.

  1. Prostate Gland:

A complex advanced prostate diagnosis

  1. PSA – total and free
  2. Transrectal ultrasound with elastography
  3. Magnetic resonance tomography of the prostate gland
  4. Prostate biopsy under transrectal ultrasound monitoring


Complex treatment of the prostate gland

In the case of carcinoma/cancer – prostate cancer:

  1. Laparoscopic / endoscopic / extraperitoneal radical prostatectomy with preservation of the paraprostatic vascular bundles – EERPE
  2. High dose brachytherapy of the prostate in case of the prostate cancer – at the Radiation Therapy Department
  3. Percutaneous radiation therapy of the prostate – in case of prostate cancer – at the Radiation Therapy


In case of benign prostatic hyperplasia – adenoma of the prostate:

  1. Laparoscopic adenomectomy in case of a large volume of the prostate gland
  2. Transurethral treatment of the prostate – monopolar and bipolar


  1. Bladder
  2. Trans-urethral resection of bladder tumors – TUR – monopolar and bipolar
  3. Trans-urethral laser blasting of bladder stones
  4. Trans-urethral mechanical blasting of stones in the bladder
  5. Other bladder surgeries


  1. Diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases
  2. Abdominal ultrasound
  3. Venous urography
  4. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance tomography
  5. Retrograde ureteropyelography
  6. Surgeries in congenital abnormalities of the urinary tract – bladder, ureter and kidney
  7. Laser dissection of stones in the ureter and renal pelvis
  8. Laparoscopic surgery for a kidney cyst


In addition, the team of the Department carries out diagnosis and treatment of children.

Diagnosis and treatment under all urology clinical pathways of the National Framework Agreement with the Health Fund are carried out by the Department.



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