Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that deals with diagnostics and treatment using radionuclide tracer chemical compounds (radiopharmaceuticals) injected into the human body.

The Nuclear Medicine Department has a state-of-the-art hybrid device – a Pozitron Emission Tomograph with a Computer Tomograph – PET Scanner (Siemens) Biograph mCT64. The device is equipped with the most sensitive crystal detector for PET, as well as an ultra-fast multiscrew CT detector. This allows that extremely high quality and precision of the diagnostic process be achieved. Technology makes it possible to reduce testing time which results into lower radiation load and greater comfort for the patient.

The department is equipped with a mobile dispenser-injector for fully automatic calculation and preparation of the individual patient dose of radiopharmaceutical. The mobility of the injector allows the application of the radioactive product to be done as necessary close to the patient’s bed, further enhancing their comfort.

The unit has a unique laser system for accurate positioning of patients (identical to the one used in radiotherapy planning and conducting). This enables the diagnostic result of PET-CT to be included directly in the therapeutic process resulting in increased treatment efficiency.

Two physicians with Medical Radiology specialization (Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy) work at the Nuclear Medicine department.  Both of them have more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of nuclear medicine with a strong professional interest in the application of diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear-medical methods in oncology.



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