• Patients who want to join the Medical Tavel Program (MTP) must complete a Questionnaire (see below).

The questionnaire includes a requirement to send medical documentation (epicrisis, test results, etc.) by e-mail, which is received by the Programme Manager. The questionnaire includes a requirement to send medical documentation (epicrisis, test results, tests, etc.) by e-mail. In case the data are not sufficient or the documents required for assessing the possibility of including the patient in the Program are not received, the manager of MTP shall contact him / her to specify the additional information that should be provided.

  • In case a decision is made that the patient is eligible under the Program, a PRELIMINARY INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT PLAN is prepared, which includes all procedures and interventions that will be performed and determines the estimated value of treatment. The preliminary individual treatment plan is compiled on the basis of medical algorithms, medical procedures and clinical pathways approved for application depending on the diagnosis or condition of the patient. The program manager notifies the patient of the need for additional / repeat examinations before arrival and sends the Preliminary Treatment Plan in English, together with the estimated cost of treatment. The patient is also provided with information on the need to contact his/her current medical institution. The information provided shall also include a notification of the current epidemiological situation in the country / region of accommodation and treatment, if it poses risks to the patient or restrictions are imposed, indicating the measures to be followed by the patient and his / her companions during transport, his accommodation and stay.

    Please send copies of your complete medical records and medical history: Attach (Files:zip, gzip и rar)




    Uni Hospital is located in the city of Panagyurishte in Central Bulgaria.

    Panagyurishte municipality is part of Pazardzhik district. It is located in the South Central region, in the central part of the mountain of Sredna Gora between the cities of Sofia and Plovdiv.

    The municipality is located entirely on the southern slopes of Sashtinska Sredna Gora. The character of the relief is medium to low mountain and hilly with an average altitude of 683 m. The altitude varies from 1,500 m at the ridges of the mountain in the north to 500 m in the south.

    The distance from the center of Panagyurishte to the center of Sofia is 87 kilometers; from the center of Panagyurishte to the center of Plovdiv - 78 km and from the center of Panagyurishte to the center of Pazardzhik - 42 km.

    The territory of the municipality is 598.5 km² and includes 9 settlements - 1 town (the city of Panagyurishte) and 8 villages (village Buta, village Banya, village Oborishte, village Popintsi, village Poibrene, village Levski, village Panagyurishte colonies and village Elshitsa ).


    The patients of Uni Hospital under the Medical Tourism Program, in advance upon receipt of their Offer or on the spot upon arrival at the medical facility, have the opportunity to express their desire for assistance in providing their transport by the hospital..

    MEDICAL TOURISM - Изображение 1

    The territory of Panagyurishte municipality belongs to the transitional-continental climate area. The average January air temperature is -1.1 ˚С, the average July air temperature is 20.6 ˚С and cf. year temperature - 10,1 ˚С.


    MEDICAL TOURISM - Изображение 2
    Opportunities for recreation of the patient and their companion

    The town of Panagyurishte is famous for its rich past and culture and annually attract thousands of visitors.

    Panagyurishte is proud of one of the largest museums in Bulgaria, which has preserved the ancestral memory of the inhabitants of the city. In the museum can be seen both cultural and historical monuments of high value and precious collections of books, masterpieces of Bulgarian Revival architecture, fine, plastic and applied arts. All this is connected with the centuries-old past of the Panagyurishte region, which has left a bright imprint on the modern identity of every Panagyurishte citizen and every Bulgarian.

    The city has museums, a public library and a theater, community centers.

    The patients of Uni Hospital under the Medical Tourism Program, in advance upon receipt of their offer or on the spot upon arrival at the medical institution, have the opportunity to express their desire for assistance in organizing visits to cultural institutions by the hospital.


    The Thracian Hoteliers offers its guests the services of two hotels in the town of Panagyurishte:

    Kamengrad Hotel & SPA is a four-star SPA complex, offering comfortable accommodation in 43 premises - single and double rooms and suites. The spa is fully supplied with mineral water and offers an exceptional variation of spa services - 20 separate spa sites and a rich menu of classic and exotic spa treatments. The conference center of the hotel has 3 modernly equipped conference halls with a capacity of 20 to 150 seats. The multifunctional sports field, the restaurant, the three bars of the hotel are also some of the additional services that guests can enjoy.

    Park Hotel Assarel welcomes its guests near the beautiful city park with pleasant walkways and picturesque greenery. Situated in the heart of the Revival town, the hotel has 80 rooms - double rooms, junior suites, one and two bedroom apartments. The restaurant and lobby bar provide captivating views of the surrounding nature Park Hotel Assarel and maximum comfort.

    MEDICAL TOURISM - Изображение 3

    The city park of Panagyurishte, the multifunctional sports hall "Arena Assarel" and the central city stadium "Orcho Voyvoda" are located right next to the hotel

    Kamengrad Hotel & SPA **** is a 5-minute walk away (right at the other end of the city park)

    MEDICAL TOURISM - Изображение 4
    The central part of the city is 600 meters from the hotel.

    The hotel has rooms that are for people with special needs and disabilities.

    The patients of "Uni Hospital" under the Medical Tourism Program, in advance upon receipt of their offer or on the spot upon arrival at the medical institution, have the opportunity to express their desire to help the medical facility to organize their accommodation in a hotel of choice.

    Opportunities for activities for children

    MEDICAL TOURISM - Изображение 5
    An open playground with play equipment is situated in n the yard of "Uni Hospital". There is no special section for children in the hospital, but for a short stay and waiting parents can use the lobby opposite the cafe.

    In the center of Panagyurishte and its park, located next to Park Hotel Assarel there are public playgrounds. Children's facilities are outdoors and are accessible to children of almost all ages.

    Recommendations to patients

    Our recommendation to all patients is to take with them during their stay in the hospital only the most necessary essentials and toiletries.

    It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the medical institution, as well as to bring into the hospital rooms: alcoholic beverages, drugs, perishable food, personal appliances, potted plants and objects that could endanger the health and safety of the patient and other occupants of the hospital. room.

    Please consider the volume of your personal phone and that of the TV when using it, so as not to disturb the peace and comfort of other patients in the room.

    Safety and security

    The medical institution provides round-the-clock security and external video surveillance of the hospital. However, in view of the normal course of the treatment process and your peace of mind during your stay in the hospital, we recommend that you do not take in your luggage and do not carry jewelry, jewelry, etc. expensive items. The medical institution does not bear and will not be responsible for their damage, disappearance or loss.

    Patients, their relatives and visitors are obliged to use the places provided for entry and exit from the hospital and to comply with all safety recommendations in the medical institution, as well as the current anti-epic measures.

    Patients should not leave the clinic / ward where they are being treated for treatment at their own discretion or at will, without having signed an informed consent for the consequences of this decision.


    Medicine intake

    During your stay in the hospital, be sure to inform your doctor about the medications you are taking, as well as if you have allergies to medications.

    It is extremely important that you take your prescribed medication as directed by your doctor and prescribed therapy. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the doctor's recommendations for the dose, frequency and duration of your therapy.

    Do not hesitate to inform the medical staff of the medical institution that takes care of you in case of adverse drug reactions.


    Risk of falling

    Our goal is to ensure the complete safety of patients after admission and during their stay in the hospital. Falls can lead to serious side effects for patients and prolong hospital stays. In an attempt to reduce the risk of falls, please strictly follow the following recommendations while you are hospitalized:

    Do not stand up or get out of bed abruptly.

    Do not take action or get out of bed if you feel you need support.

    If necessary, use the support handles mounted on the walls of the bathroom. They guarantee your safety.

    If necessary, use a wheelchair and an elevator to get around the hospital.

    Be sure to wear comfortable and non-slip slippers / shoes.

    Do not hesitate to seek medical help if you feel dizzy or feel that you are at risk of falling.


    Control of nosocomial infections

    Uni Hospital adheres to all protocols for prevention and control of nosocomial infections in order to limit their spread.

    In this regard, we urge you to follow the following guidelines for good hygiene:


    • Always wash your hands after using the bathroom and toilet.
    • Always wash your hands before and after meals, work with banknotes / money, take medication and more.
    • Do not hesitate to inform us in time and give feedback to the medical staff if you notice that they do not disinfect their hands.
    • Do not hesitate to inform us in time and give feedback to the medical staff if you notice that they do not disinfect their hands.


    Fire safety

    In the name of safety and in compliance with all regulations for this in the medical institution are placed in the designated places evacuation plans and emergency exits in case of fire.


    Discharge from the medical institution

    Please make sure before you are discharged from the medical institution that you are informed and fully understand the therapy prescribed to you and the recommended lifestyle that you must follow in order to achieve a favorable result for your health.

    We recommend that you clarify the following aspects with your doctor before leaving the hospital:

    Is it necessary to adhere to a special regime - diet or others. after you are discharged

    Do you need to carry out a certain therapy for your full recovery

    Is a check-up necessary and when?

    Is it necessary to reduce / increase physical activity

    Can I go back to my old way of life - what do I need to exclude from it

    If I have a problem with the disease, who should I contact?

    Do not hesitate to contact the medical team that cares for you if you do not understand information related to your treatment or follow-up therapy at home.

    Upon discharge, you will receive your medical records containing information about your illness, the treatment you received and the therapy you received during your hospital stay, as well as recommendations for further treatment if necessary.


    The Charter of Patients Rights and Responsibilities

    The staff of "MHAT-Uni Hospital" Ltd. performs diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation activities in the hospital with the aim of full respect for the rights of patients and their human dignity.

    Each patient who seeks help in "MHAT-Uni Hospital" Ltd. Has the following rights:

    Right of prophylaxis

    Everyone has the right to adequate care to prevent illness.

    Right of access to health services

    Everyone has the right of access to health services according to their health needs. Each patient guaranteed access to health services, without discrimination based on financial means, place of origin, type of illness or time of request for services.

    Right to information

    Everyone has the right to be inform about their health status, the health services offered and the ways to provide them, as well as information about available scientific research and technological innovations.

    Right to consent

    The patients have the right of access to all information which could enable them to take an active part in decision-making concerning their health; informed consent is a prerequisite for any procedure and treatment, including participation in scientific research.

    Right to free choice

    Everyone has the right to choose freely between different treatment procedures and medical service providers on the basis of adequate information about them.

    Right to secrecy and confidentiality

    Everyone has the right to the confidentiality of his personal information, including information about his health, applied or forthcoming diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, as well as the protection of the confidentiality of confidential information which has become known during examinations, consultations with a specialist or surgical treatment.

    Right to respect for patients' time

    Each patient has the right to receive necessary treatment within a short and predetermined period of time. This right applies at each stage of treatment.

    Right to comply with quality standards

    Everyone has the right to access high-quality health services based on pre-defined and precisely observed standards of treatment.

    Right of safety

    Everyone has the right of access to health services and treatment that meet high safety standards, as well as the right not to be harmed by poorly functioning health services, poor medical practice and mistakes.

    Right of access to innovation

    Everyone has the right of access to innovative, including diagnostic, procedures in accordance with international standards and regardless of economic or financial considerations.

    The right to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain

    Everyone has the right to be spared suffering and pain as much as possible in each phase of his illness.

    Right to customized treatment

    Everyone has the right to diagnostic or therapeutic programs tailored to the maximum extent of his illness.

    Right to complain

    Each patient has the right to filed a complaint whenever they have suffered damage during treatment, as well as the right to receive a response to their complaint.

    Right to compensation

    Everyone has the right to receive sufficient compensation within a reasonably short period of time when he suffered physical or moral and psychological damage caused by treatment conducte

    Responsibilities OF THE PATIENT:

    1. The patient is obliged to treat the doctor and other representatives of the medical profession with respect and dignity.
    2. To take personal responsibility for their own health and follow a healthy lifestyle.
    3. To tell the doctor everything about their disease without saving information that is important to diagnose the disease.
    4. Actively assist the doctor during the healing and recovery process.
    5. To strictly follow the prescribed regimen and treatment.
    6. In case of refusal of the prescribed treatment, the patient is responsible for the consequences.
    7. The patient is obliged to follow the established rules in "MHAT-Uni Hospital" Ltd. while his/her treatment is carried out.


    The town of Panagyurishte offers comfortable accommodation for patients of MHAT "Uni Hospital", visitors and suppliers in the following hotel complexes

    Hotels in Panagyurishte


    Town of Panagyurishte offers comfortable accommodation to the patients of Uni Hospital, their visitors and companions in the following hotel complexes:

    • Kamengrad Hotel & SPA: a four-star SPA hotel supplied with mineral water. The site guests may find delight in a superb thermal zone including a variety of saunas, selected    SPA services – classical massage, exotic and recreational therapies, main restaurant, a lobby bar and a sports playground. The hotel is situated in the town center of Panagyurishte, at a short walking distance from its principle landmarks.

    Hotel Kamengrad - contacts:

    Address:  2 Pavel Bobekov Str.

    Telephone: +359 357 628 77
    Mobile: +359 879 801 901



    • Assarel Park Hotel – a newly opened hotel which is situated in a close proximity to the town’s part in Panagyurishte. The hotel’s undisturbed location and comfortable accommodation ensure your wholesome recreation during your stay in the town.


    Assarel Park Hotel - contacts:

    Address: 7 Krastyo Geshanov Str.

    T: +359 357 888 00

    M: +359 876 808 808



    Our administrative team maintains close contact with the mentioned hotels and upon arrival could assist in fast and trouble-free accommodation and stay according to your requirements and needs.

    Oncology Center

    The Oncology Center of MHAT "Uni Hospital" unites departments of Medical Oncology, Radiation Therapy, Nuclear Medicine and offers a unit of Psychooncology. Organized in this way, it manages to provide comprehensive medical care to its patients and allows health professionals to apply the highest modern standards in the treatment of malignant diseases. The expert opinion of the Oncology Commission creates the necessary conditions for applying a strictly individual approach to the needs of each patient. In this way, not only complex medical care is offered, but also the established world practices of personalized medicine are followed.

    The Department of Medical Oncology has 45 hospital beds, 13 chemotherapy chairs, a center for dispensary observation and a center for clinical trials. All hospital rooms have 2 beds, private bathroom, air conditioning, telephone, wi-fi internet connection and high-tech contact system between patients and medical staff. The hospital rooms are also equipped with an oxygen system.

    The Department of Medical Oncology provides the following services:

    • Diagnostics, staging and treatment of all types of solid malignant tumors in adults;
    • Consultation, diagnostics, staging and treatment of rare tumors – neuroendocrine, GIST, etc.;
    • Patient follow-up;
    • Psychological and social assistance to oncology patients;
    • Clinical trials in the field of Medical Oncology.

    The Department of Medical Oncology is one of the few in the country providing:

    • Discussion by a multidisciplinary team of all cases of patients with malignancies – Tumor Board;
    • Interventional Oncology;
    • Molecular Pathology;
    • Evaluation of therapeutic response to systemic drug therapy with the RECIST 1.1. system;
    • Combined chemoradiotherapy;
    • Collaboration with leading foreign oncologists. Patient consultations (including online).

    The department implements all modern methods of systemic antitumor therapy – chemotherapy (neoadjuvant, adjuvant, for metastatic disease and palliative), target therapy (neoadjuvant, adjuvant, for metastatic disease and palliative), endocrine therapy (hormone therapy), biological therapy (cytokines, somatostatin receptor analogues). Psychosocial counseling, distress testing and psychometric assessment of patients are provided in the department. We employ a wide range of psychological services to improve the quality of life of our patients, and these services are available to both patients and their relatives.

    Radiotherapy department is equipped with state-of-the-art  units such as two TrueBeam STX multimodal linear accelerators, one of them has a  radiosurgery upgrade (Edge attachment) and a high power dose Flexitron brachytherapy system.

    Possibilities for treatment of malignant and non-cancerous diseases by independent radiotherapy, postoperative radiotherapy and/or combined x-ray treatment are available at the the department. Patients with tumors of the mammary gland, uterus cervix and body (endometrium), uterus, pharynx, larynx and oral cavity, rectum and anus, lung, prostate and urogenital system, and brain tumors are treated. Palliative radiotherapy in bone metastases or bleeding is also carried out for analgesia and haemostasis purposes.

    Preoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy for treating tumors of rectum and anus and combined radiotherapy for uterus cervix (percutaneous radiotherapy + intracavitary brachytherapy) are performed which give better results than direct surgical treatment at some clinical stages. Definitive radiotherapy is performed aimed at treating lung cancer and brain tumors with possibilities for radiosurgery when indications for them are appear.

    Since the beginning of 2021, the radiotherapy department is the only one in the country that has the Varian Calypso system for performing radiosurgery for early prostate cancer. The Varian Calypso System captures even the slightest movement of the prostate through three miniature magnets placed in the tumor and transmits real-time information to the linear accelerator (the machine that irradiates). The accelerator corrects the directed rays so that the tumor in the prostate is irradiated extremely precisely, while at the same time healthy surrounding tissues are spared and protected.

    The Nuclear Medicine Department has a state-of-the-art hybrid device - a Pozitron Emission Tomograph with a Computer Tomograph - PET Scanner (Siemens) Biograph mCT64. The device is equipped with the most sensitive crystal detector for PET, as well as an ultra-fast multiscrew CT detector. This allows that extremely high quality and precision of the diagnostic process be achieved. Technology makes it possible to reduce testing time which results into lower radiation load and greater comfort for the patient.

    The department is equipped with a mobile dispenser-injector for fully automatic calculation and preparation of the individual patient dose of radiopharmaceutical. The mobility of the injector allows the application of the radioactive product to be done as necessary close to the patient's bed, further enhancing their comfort.

    The unit has a unique laser system for accurate positioning of patients (identical to the one used in radiotherapy planning and conducting). This enables the diagnostic result of PET-CT to be included directly in the therapeutic process resulting in increased treatment efficiency.



    Epicrisis from ongoing treatment of cancer:

    • operation
    • chemotherapy
    • radiotherapy
    • hormone therapy

    Results of imaging studies:

    • scanner
    • MRI
    • scintigraphy
    • PET / CT
    • Ultrasound

    Laboratory test results: Tumor markers


    The department is a unique professional union of plastic surgeons at the service of its patients by offering them high quality complex medical services. Here you will receive professional counseling, understanding and care for your needs, in addition to modern treatment for the sake of health, aesthetics and a better quality of life. The department works in close collaboration with distinguished specialists and clinics in Belgium and France.

    The Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery has been awarded the third level of competence in accordance with the established medical standards. The work range of the Department includes all types of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery meeting the requirements for the third level of competence. The hospital rooms have 2 and 3 beds, a private bathroom with a bath, central air conditioning, telephone, LED TV with free TV programs, free Wi-Fi and hi-tech communication system between patients and medical staff.

    The Department of Vascular Surgery meets the 3rd level of competence and  provides the most modern diagnosis and treatment of arterial and venous diseases:

    • Peripheral stenosis and obstruction of the feeding vessels;
    • Aortic aneurysms and dilatations of the aorta and the peripheral vessels;
    • Treatment and prevention of cerebrovascular disease;
    • Emergency vascular diseases: emboli, thrombosis, trauma, rupture and other lesions;
    • Disorders of the blood supply of kidneys and other abdominal organs;
    • Varicose veins and venous thrombosis;
    • Tumors and malformations (hemangioma, congenital fistulas, anatomical clamping of vessels);
    • Port implantation (port-a-cat) for chemotherapy, as well as innovative endovascular treatment of tumors;
    • Setting a permanent access point for hemodialysis.

    The high professionalism of the team and the innovative technologies available to the hospital allow treatment through surgical, endovascular and hybrid procedures. World-class standard treatment provides extraordinary care for our patients in conditions of high comfort.


    Orthopedics and Traumatology

    The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology is equipped with ultra-modern devices and units providing the appropriate treatment. The Department provides diagnosis and treatment to all diseases of the locomotory system. The main activities carried out in the Department are:

    • Endoprosthesis of large and small joints;
    • Reconstructive bone and joint surgery;
    • Traumatology surgery;
    • Arthroscopic surgery.

    The department provides 24-hour coverage when a second opinion consultation is needed.

    MEDICAL TOURISM - Изображение 6

    The Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine has a 3rd level of competence according to Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine medical standard. The Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine provides the following services:

    • Functional, including kinesiologic diagnosis;
    • Physical therapy and complex rehabilitation of patients with various diseases of the central nervous system;
    • Therapy for the Peripheral nervous system;
    • Therapy for the rheumatologic, degenerative and traumatic diseases of the locomotory system;
    • Therapy for pediatric and internal diseases: cardiovascular, including post-cardiac surgical intervention, respiratory, metabolic, etc.

    Physicians with a recognized specialty in physical and rehabilitation medicine work at the Department. Besides, they have obtained an additional qualification in manual therapy, electro-diagnostics and electro-stimulation, laser therapy, etc. The Department has modern equipment for electro and light treatment, kinesiotherapy, thermotherapy, water therapy, inhalation therapy.




    Town of Panagyurishte, 100 Georgi Benkovski Str., Post Code 4500



    Manager of Medical travel program

    +359 878 651 209


    Velichka Zagorska

    Coordinator of Medical travel program



    Work time - 08:00 AM - 16:30 PM