Human health is the most valuable asset. Realizing this responsibility, we created a team of proven Bulgarian doctors, young specialists, as well as a wide range of foreign consultants who diagnose and treat at Uni Hospital.


Dr. Yavor Drenski

Dr. Yavor Drenski


Dr. Yavor Drenski was elected as the Manager of Uni Hospital Muldisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment at General Assembly held on March 30 `2022. As of the beginning of 2019, Dr. Drenski has been Executive Director of the investment company of the medical facility - "Asarel Panagyurishte Health", continuing to combine the two management positions.

From 2010 to 2016, Dr. Drenski is Executive Director of Tokuda Hospital Sofia. He has been part of the team of the Japanese hospital since its foundation and successively holding the positions of Administrative Director (2005 – 2009) and Medical Director (2009 – 2010). In the period 2002 - 2005, he was Head of "Hospital care" at the National Health Insurance Fund. Dr. Drenski has extensive experience as an international healthcare consultant to global companies such as Bearing Point, 3M, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, etc.

Dr. Drenski graduated in Medicine from Medical University, Sofia, in 1992. He continued his education with a specialization in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He worked as a physician for eight years. He graduated from a master's program in "Health Management" in 2009, and has a master's degree in finance since 2003. he has several specializations in the field of hospital management and hospital finances. He specialized in the USA, Switzerland, Hungary, Great Britain, Japan, and other countries.

He is one of the founders and the first Chairman of the National Association of Private Hospitals in 2013. In 2016, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine, and subsequently Executive Director till nowadays.

In 2015, Dr. Yavor Drenski received the award “Hospital Manager of 2015”. In November 2015, he received the award “Manager of 2015” in the campaign “Junior Medical Specialist”, organized by the newspaper Standart, Darik Radio, and the Ministry of Healthcare in order to actively support the development of young physicians and health care professionals.

Dr. Angel Prodanov

Dr. Angel Prodanov

Procurator of Uni Hospital Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment

Dr. Angel Prodanov has been the procurator of Uni Hospital Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment since March 2018.

He acquired a specialty in anesthesiology and intensive care in 2016, a master's degree in health management in 2020.

Dr. Prodanov is an assistant professor at the Medical University of Plovdiv, Department of Anesthesiology, Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine.

He is a member of the "Doctors we trust" League at "24 Chasa" newspaper.