The Virology Laboratory is specialized in the diagnosis of viral infections with important importance for human pathology. Its activity is carried out in compliance with the medical standard „Virusology“. The main goal of the laboratory is to ensure the quality of the diagnostic, consultative and preventive activities through direct participation in the treatment-diagnostic process of the medical facility with good cooperation with all structural units in the hospital. At the same time, the laboratory strives to achieve patient satisfaction while observing the principles of correctness and confidentiality.

The laboratory carries out fast and high-quality performance of a set of specialized virological tests:

  • serological diagnosis of viral hepatitis by detection of viral antigens and antibodies (hepatitis markers)
  • HIV/AIDS research
  • testing for EBV (infectious mononucleosis) and other viruses;
  • rapid chromatographic immunoassays for the detection of enteric viruses (rotaviruses, noroviruses, enteroviruses) in fecal samples;
  • rapid immunosorbent assays for the detection of influenza viruses A+B and RSV, Adenovirus in nasal samples;
  • pre- and post-test counseling.

Viral hepatitis, respiratory and intestinal viral infections are widespread and affect people of different age groups. Making a timely etiological diagnosis is essential for the correct therapeutic behavior, prognosis, treatment and prevention of viral infections. The Virology Laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for serological diagnostics, meeting all modern requirements for precision, quality and short terms for obtaining the results.

The VIDAS PC automatic immunoanalyzer is of high technical characteristics, fully automated, using innovative ELFA technology, combining EIA with fluorescence reading (enzyme-linked fluorescence assay), which provides excellent sensitivity and specificity of the result

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