The Department of Internal Diseases has been awarded 3rd level of competence. It has 15 hospital beds, 10 of these are allocated to Pulmonology and Phthisiology and 5 to Nephrology.

There are three specialists in internal diseases and pulmonology and phthisiatry, and two specialists in nephrology working at the Department. This team provides highly qualified medical care for patients with lung and kidney issues under clinical pathway protocols. All acute, exacerbated and chronic internal diseases with complicated course are being diagnosed and treated using invasive and non-invasive diagnostic procedures and intensive therapeutic procedures. Worldwide, European, and national consensuses are referred to when choosing routes of therapies.

The Internal Disease physicians keep increasing/enriching their postgraduate qualifications by participating in various forms of scientific events and publications.


Отделението разполага с апаратура за функционално изследване на дишането. Работи в тясно сътрудничество с отделението по Образна диагностика, Микробиологичната лаборатория и Клинична лаборатория.

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