Two multimodal linear accelerators of the latest generation TrueBeam STX – one of them upgraded for radiosurgery (Edge attachment) and a Flexitron high-dose rate brachytherapy device.

As of the beginning of 2021, the Radiotherapy Department is the only in the country that has Varian Calypso system for conducting radiosurgery in early stage of prostate cancer. The Varian Calypso System detects the slightest movement of the prostate via three tiny magnets placed in the tumor and translate real-time data to the linear accelerator (the machine that delivers the radiation). The accelerator adjusts the beams so that the prostate tumor is irradiated with extreme precision, while the surrounding healthy tissues remain unharmed and protected.

The Calypso system is suitable for treating patients with prostate cancer in early stage and is an alternative to surgical treatment. With the Varian Calypso System, the treatment time is significantly shortened and the patient undergoes only five treatment procedures in the absence of side beam reactions.

HyperArc HD – the latest methodology in radiosurgery, which enables the simultaneous irradiation of multiple metastases in the head region and shortens the irradiation time is already in use at Uni Hospital Oncology Center. Fully automated-robotic movements allow treatment to begin and to be monitored with no need to entry the radiotherapy room again.

At the same time the HyperArc HD methodology successfully copes with one of the great challenges in the field of stereotactic radiosurgery – keeping the healthy tissues unharmed to the utmost. Irradiation in this technique is non-coplanar (irradiation from multiple entry points provided by rotation of the patient table), thus the dose received in the surrounding tissues is much lower. This, in turn, provides an opportunity for follow-up treatment if needed.

Computed tomography – PET scanner (PET-CT)– Siemens Biograph mCT64

The device is equipped with the most sensitive crystal detector for PET, as well as an ultra-fast multi-slice detector for CT. This allows to achieve extremely high quality and precision of the diagnostic process. The technology reduces examination time, resulting in lower radiation exposure and greater patient comfort.

  • Magnetic resonance (MR) „Magnetom Aera“ – 1.5T, the latest generation;
  • Computed tomography (CT) „Somatom Perspective“ – 128-slice, the latest generation;
  • Mobile graphic device „Mobilet Mira“ with the shape and decoration of a giraffe – unique and the only one in Bulgaria;
  • Digital scopic-graphic apparatus „Luminos Fusion“;
  • „Mamomat Fusion“ digital mammograph – for precise and state-of-the-art diagnosis of mammary gland diseases;
  • SIEMENS ultrasound diagnostic machine with 3D and conventional ultrasound capabilities, as well as other ultrasound examinations.

The Surgery Unit allows performing large volume and complexity of surgical interventions since the hybrid surgery room and the rest rooms are equipped with laparoscopic equipment, with two neurosurgical microscopes of the highest class, X-ray equipment (C-arm and kugel), endoscopic equipment for upper and lower endoscopy, cystoscopy and hysteroscopy, ultrasound equipment for intraoperative ultrasound, a modern information system for monitoring vital signs before, during and after the surgery intervention and direct connection with the structures for imaging diagnostics and clinical laboratory, microbiology and all other structures of the medical facility.