The Department has the highest – 3rd level – of competence, and it performs the full volume of all emergency medical activities, 24 hours a day. In a contemporary environment, using the state-of-the-art high-tech medical equipment, emergency care and admission (if necessary) is provided to patients in need.

The Emergency Care Department at Uni Hospital is located in an adjacent building, architecturally connected to the hospital and it has two comfortable separate entrances – one for ambulances and another one – providing direct access to the hospital helipad for patients brought in by Medical Aviation.

The Department is functionally divided into zones depending on the severity of a patient’s condition. The red zone is used to screen and treat for patients with directly life-threatening conditions requiring immediate intervention. This area has two posts – to evaluate a patient, and to provide therapy. The yellow area admits patients without damaged main vital functions in need of follow-up or long-term monitoring. There is a 24-hour monitoring in this area and it has five active monitoring posts. All patients are monitored for their vital signs. The green area accommodates patients with minimal damage and their condition allows for a postponed examination and/or therapy. This area has three posts.

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