Welcome to the website of Uni Hospital – Panagyurishte Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment

Our name is a label for universal medical care and unique medical technology. Uni Hospital is a symbol of modernity, functionality, dynamics, precision, unique medical care and the most modern medical technology. The largest private investment in Bulgarian healthcare sector in the last 25 years. All about health under one roof is our mission and we offer the most comprehensive and complex care for your health, provided by recognized specialists, using modern methods and the latest technologies of the modern medicine. At Uni Hospital we apply individual approach to your treatment – our patients, whilst respecting and protecting your rights. 

We have the worlds’ best two Multimode Linear Accelerators. The world-class Oncology Center, including Departments of Medical Oncology, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine, is emblematic for the Hospital. More than 80% of the patients in the Medical Oncology Department are not from the region, similarly nearly 70% of the patients from other Departments are from all over Bulgaria.

For the first time in Bulgaria, imaging diagnostic methods / Positron Emission Tomographic – PET scanner, /PET CT/, magnetic resonance, computer tomography, robotic angiograph, ultrasound methods/ are simultaneously combined with operative interventions, latest modern invasive methods and telecommunication connections with leading centers in all therapeutic areas. Our surgical complex is equipped with the first in Bulgaria and South-Eastern Europe hybrid operating room with a robotic angiograph. Here also operates unique microbiological laboratory, which enables the fastest diagnosis and adequate treatment. In Uni Hospital General Hospital for Active Treatment a complex approach is imposed, which covers the entire path of modern diagnostics, treatment (surgical and therapeutic), dispensary and prevention of the patient.


The Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment – Uni Hospital Ltd, city of Panagyurishte, received an accreditation assessment, ranked „excellent“, for overall medical activity for a period of five years. The Accreditation Council of the Ministry of Health issued its decision on May 2, 2017. After signing the contract with the National Health Insurance Fund, the medical center accepts patients according to the schedule of specialist doctors. The hospital expands its examinations activities, with referrals No 3, 3a, 4 and 8a. Patients are examined by paying the relevant user fee.

Uni Hospital has 340 hospital beds, about 180 doctors work here, more than 100 of them have one specialty, about 30 have two specialties, 2 doctors have three specialties, and 1 doctor has four specialties. Nearly 400 are health care specialists, nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, rehabilitators and orderlies. The total staff of Uni Hospital Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment is 640 people.

The ultra-modern hospital facility combines high-tech solutions that offer effective innovations in healthcare. Doctors offer fast, precise and accurate diagnosis to patients. Thanks to the new systems, all data on the condition of the patients, the results of the nuclear magnetic resonance, scanners and other equipment of the hospital are stored in one common center, thus speeding up a successful diagnosis that results in appropriate treatment. The modern technologies, the outstanding specialists, who work at the Uni Hospital Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment in the city of Panagyurishte allow to receive real-time images from the imaging diagnostics, test results from the medical-diagnostic laboratories and to establish conference connections with other specialists from the country and abroad. The hospital also has psychologists in the Oncology Center.

Uni Hospital Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment team