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The medical specialists who work at the Registry Office of Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility assist the patients and coordinate the implementation of all medical activities up to the moment of their hospitalization or referral to other diagnostic units or outpatient medical treatment facilities.

The medical specialists who work at the Registry Office are supported by technical attendants (hostesses) who accompany the patients to the particular units or hospital entrance when the latter are discharged from the hospital, compulsory with wheelchairs.

You will be provided with complete information concerning all scheduled activities and overall treatment and diagnostic algorithm, including the anticipated result. Such information will also be given to you in a conversation with your treating physician in case you require it. 

When you cross the threshold of Uni Hospital, you will be provided with information and directions at the treatment facility registry office where you need to do the following:

  • Submit a medical referral for examination, diagnostics and/or hospitalization. Thereafter, you will be duly informed about the  location of the unit and the physician who performs the relevant medical activity.
  • Inform that you have visited the hospital at your discretion or your health insurance rights have been suspended. Therefore, an estimate of your outstanding treatment expenses will be prepared. If any medical activities are to be charged, they will be paid in advance to the cashier according to the established price list. Upon completion of the respective medical activity, a draft accounting document will be prepared based on which overpaid amounts are reimbursed or any difference between the offered price and the actual value of the performed medical activities is paid.
  • All health insured patients will be provided with preliminary information about their possible contributions for their stay at the hospital, medical consumables or other activities which are not reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund or by other voluntary insurance companies.
  • All patients who have been compulsory insured at the National Health Insurance Fund shall not pay the amounts enacted by the Council of Ministers in the cases described in Article 37 of the Health Insurance Act for their visit to the hospital or any medical treatment.