The Transfusion Hematology Laboratory is part of Uni Hospital, performing activities in accordance with the Blood, Blood Donation and Blood Transfusion Act, the Medical Standard in Transfusion Hematology and the Council of Europe requirements for good laboratory practice.

  1. Full Volume of Immunohematological tests of Patients:
  • Blood type grouping under the ABO system; Rhesus factor;
  • Defining other erythrocyte antigens;
  • Screening and identification of anti-erythrocyte antibodies;
  • Defining titration of anti-erythrocyte antibodies;
  • Selection of blood and blood components for each individual patient.


The laboratory performs medical and diagnostic activities in the field of outpatient care in the following volume of immuno-hematological tests:

  • Blood type grouping under the ABO system; and Rhesus factor – for patients and healthy individuals; pregnant women and their spouses – in order to establish ABO and Rhesus incompatibility;
  • Defining other erythrocyte antigens – upon request or at doctor’s discretion;
  • Screening and identification of anti-erythrocyte antibodies – to patients, pregnant women to assess the fetus’ risk of the Hemolytic disease of the newborn;
  • Defining titration of anti-erythrocyte antibodies.


  1. Providing blood and blood components for the needs of patients from the hospital in an emergency and scheduled protocol.
  2. Organize proper storage and ensure the quality of blood products dispatched for clinical use.
  3. Provides advisory and methodical assistance in the treatment of patients with blood and blood products.
  4. Performs transfusion monitoring as part of the health system to prevent post-transfusion reactions and complications.


The Transfusion Hematology Laboratory has modern and highly sensitive equipment, while the medical staff is qualified and professionally motivated, with appropriate knowledge of transfusion hematology, hygiene, microbiology.


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