Dr. Lorieta Krasteva graduated Medicine in 1983. In 1991 she acquired the specialty of Transfusion Hematology. She holds a degree in Health Management from the D. A. Tsenov Economy Academy and she is a graduate of the European School of Transfusion Medicine in Sarajevo and Sofia.

Dr. Krusteva has worked:

  • At the Regional Hematology and Transfusion Center – Pleven, including being Head of Department (Quality and Quality Control) and the Department of Blood Transfusion Immunohematology;
  • Head of Department: Isoserology – at the Military Medical Hospital;
  • Head of Department: Blood Processing – at the Military Medical Hospital.

Dr. Krasteva has participated in a number of national conferences, congresses, seminars in the field of Transfusion Hematology.

Dr. Krusteva’s professional interests are in the field of quality assurance and quality control in transfusion practice, laboratory diagnosis of donors and patients.