The Department of Pediatrics is one of the main clinical structures and occupies a special place in the structure of the Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility.

The Department of Pediatrics has 20 beds, including intensive care monitoring and treatment beds, and 2 isolators (for airborne and intestinal infections).

There is a 24/7 diagnostic and treatment process in the Department. Children aged from 28 days to 18 years are treated here.

The Department of Pediatrics offers treatment to acute, aggravated and chronic illnesses, including acute allergic diseases in children of complicated medical history who may require and intensive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, children may be admitted if diagnosis and/or follow-up treatment is necessary, as well as in case of exacerbated and complicated conditions under specified instructions for treatment and follow-up.

The Department of Pediatrics is working pursuant to issued protocols and diagnostic-therapeutic algorithms for the diseases agreed on with the National Health Insurance Fund as well as urgent conditions in children, meeting the requirements of Pediatric Consensus Committees and European standards.



Отделението разполага с детски пациентски монитори, възможност за извършване на пулсоксиметрия, индивидуални инхалатори за всяко дете, което позволява интензивно прилагане на инхалаторна терапия, набори от детски маншети за измерване на артериално кръвно налягане от 28-дневна възраст, портативен ЕКГ-апарат, възможност за функционално изследване изследване на дишането и извършване на абдоминална ехография.

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