Dr. Zachary Zahariev was born in 1968 in the town of Montana. Graduated a high school with German language in the same town – in 1987. He graduated the Medical Department with the Sofia Medical University – Sofia, as a physician – in 1995 and a year later started work as an Assistant at the Radiation Therapy Department of Tsaritsa Ioanna Hospital – Sofia. Acquired specialties: Radiation therapy in 2001, Oncology in 2005.

Professional Experience:

  • Expert at the Development and Organization of Radiation Treatment Committee with the Bulgarian Ministry of Health
  • Head and Neck Tumor Consultant at the Cancer Committee with Tsaritsa Ioanna University Hospital, Sofia
  • Skin Tumor Consultant at the Cancer Committee with Tsaritsa Ioanna University Hospital
  • Consultant at the Oncology Committees of Alexandrovska Hospital, Doverie Hospital, Hill Clinic and other hospitals in Bulgaria
  • Editor-in-Chief of the National Standards for Head and Neck Tumors.


Dr. Zahariev’s areas of scientific interest in the fields of:

  • Head and neck tumors: unconventional and hypo-fractioning, accelerated radiation therapy. Combined chemo-radiation with organ-preserving treatment or in cases of advanced tumors
  • Breast cancer: unconventional fractioning. Radiation therapy after an organ-preserving surgery, mastectomy after breast implantation
  • Rectal carcinomas: pre- and post-operative chemo-radiation therapy
  • Radiation therapy of benign and rare tumors.

Dr. Zahariev is a member of: the Bulgarian Radiation Therapists Guild; the Bulgarian Association of Medical Oncology (BAMO); the European Association of Medical Oncology (ESMO); the European Radiation Association (ESTRO).

Dr. Vasil Stanchev has specialized in (IAEA), Sarajevo, Slovenia, 1999 – “Application of radionuclide methods in oncology”. Member of the Bulgarian Association of Nuclear Medicine and the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.

Fluent in Engish – graduate of an English High-School.

Dr. Stanchev began work in 1982 at the Military Medical Hospital – Plovdiv as a full-time graduate student at the Radio Isotope Center. In 1985 he defended his thesis (Candidate of Medical Science and DM) on „Radionuclide diagnostics in patients with breast cancer“. From 1986 to October 2015 Stanchev is Chief Assistant at the Department of Clinical Oncology at Medical University – Plovdiv and a physician at Nuclear Medicine Department at St. George General Hospital – Plovdiv.