Clinical pathology is a morphological discipline studying disease processes in the human body and is a link between fundamental medical sciences and clinical practice. The Department of General and Clinical Pathology is an important diagnostic unit in each hospital.

Thanks to the approach in managing the Uni Hospital and the application/implementation of state-of-the-art and high-tech solutions, it is one of the best-equipped facilities in the country. It provides a wide range of morphological examinations for all departments at the hospital. Highly qualified specialists performing diagnostic activity on a professional level work at the department.

The department has the most advanced equipment that provides automation for a large part of the work process and allows faster and qualitative diagnostics in the following fields:

  • Biopsy (histological) tests – morphological diagnostics of tissue samples – puncture, surgical, urological, gynecological, dermatological, etc.;
  • Cytological tests – morphological diagnostics of cellular samples – punctates and PAP-smears;
  • Emergency Intraoperative Diagnosis (frozen section procedure) – preparation of frozen sections during a surgery in order to determine the nature of the disease process and the subsequent volume of the surgical intervention.
  • Immunohistochemistry – a highly specialized testing of paraffin blocks from biopsy samples. The method makes it possible to distinguish malignant from benign processes, it helps diagnose tumors of an unclear primary outbreak, and allows additional classification of malignant tumors of various localizations to determine the optimal follow-up therapy for a patient.
  • Consultation of ready-made histological preparations and paraffin blocks with the possibility of further examinations and presenting/introducing the patient to the Hospital Multidisciplinary Tumor Board.


The main scope of the General and Clinical Pathology Department is to be the preferred laboratory for our patients and physicians, combining the team’s expertise with advanced high-tech solutions in the field of morphological diagnostics.

The Department of General and Clinical Pathology has latest generation equipment, guaranteeing the speed and quality of the tests performed, as well as adequate treatment for the patients.

– Leica Embedding Center Histocore Arcadia H

– Leica Biosystem Tissue Processor TP 1020

– Leica Cryostat CM 1950

– Leica BOND-MAX

– Leica Autostainer XL

– Leica fluorescence microscope DM 3000

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