Dr. Burgudjiev began his career as an anesthesiologist at „St. Ekaterina“ Medical Center-Sofia. There he builds himself as a specialist. He also actively participates in scientific activities, having 26 publications in scientific journals. Up to Chief Assistant. He continued his career as the head of cardiac resuscitation at the cardiac surgery clinic at St. George Medical Center in Plovdiv, where he held this position from 2002 to 2012.

There are specializations in the Netherlands.

Participated in many world and European congresses, scientific conferences on anesthesiology and intensive care, as well as scientific events in Bulgaria.

As a specialist, his interests are mainly in intensive care – central hemodynamics, septic conditions, extracorporeal blood purification methods. He is also familiar with the entire range of ways and methods of intensive treatment.

Since 2016, Dr. Burgudjiev has been the head of the Department of anesthesiology intensive care at the „Uni Hospital“ medical center in the city of Panagyurishte.