Dr. Nikolay Nikolov graduated in Medicine in 1983 in Sofia.

He has worked as a surgeon at Popovo General Hospital, 5th Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment in Sofia, Europe Hospital in Sofia, Subo Nikolov General Hospital – Panagyurishte.

Dr. Nikolov has completed courses and specializations in: abdominal ultrasound, docimology, modern gastroenterology, gastrointestinal endoscopy, thyroid cancer and colorectal cancer, general and endoscopic surgery, qualification in oncology surgery, chemotherapy for malignancies, pancreatic surgery, hepatobiliary surgery.

Dr. Nikolov holds a certificate of competence to with sources of ionizing radiation, a certificate for postgraduate qualification in laparoscopic surgery, a certificate for qualification in endocrine surgery.

Dr. Nikolov is a member of the Bulgarian Surgical Association and the International Association of Gastroenterologists, Surgeons and Oncologists (IASGO).

Тел. 0888 318 156