Prime Minister Boyko Borissov Cut the Ribbon of the New Panagyurishte Treasure


Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov officially opened the new Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility on 11th June 2019 in Panagyurishte. He cut the ribbon of the new modern medical complex together with Zornitsa Rusinova – the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Nikola Belishki – the Mayor of Panagyurishte, Prof. Lachezar Tsotsorkov – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Assarel-Medet SA and Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology, Dr. Borislav Atsev – the Executive Director of Assarel Panagyurishte Health SA, and Dr. Lucia Dobreva, Manager of Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility.

The ceremony was attended by other members of the Parliament, to name a few: Desislava Kostadinova, Dr. Doncho Baxanov, Dimitar Gechev, Boyka Marinska; as well as Ginche Karaminova acting in her capacity of Governor of Pazardzhik district, Stamen Yanev – the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency, Hristo Kaloyanov – the Chairman of Panagyurishte Municipal Council, as well as municipal councilors, Dimitar Manolov – the President of Podkrepa Labor Union, mayors from the region, representatives of the business and state and municipal institutions, industry and patient organizations, syndicate members and dozens of citizens came to honor this memorable moment for the municipality.

Before cutting the ribbon, a solemn Orthodox dedication procedure was ministered by Father Atanas Manolov, a deputy bishop of the Panagyurishte district, and Father Stoyan Manolov. „Without the help of the Lord nothing can happen,“ Prime Minister Borisov said, and stressed this project has come to life thanks to the joint efforts of the local enterprise, the municipality and the state.

„This is a glorious and important day for Panagyurishte. I thank Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov, who was at the heart of this project, and showed the Renaissance spirit and the traditions of giving and donating are still alive. The new hospital is proof when we all unite, we can perform miracles”, Nikola Belishki, Mayor of Panagyurishte, said in his speech.

„It is a very important day today, a historic date, not only for Panagyurishte, but also for the region of Srednogorie and the country. With a lot of enthusiasm, will and funds, we turned the barely surviving Panagyurishte hospital, where dozens of physicians worked, into a health miracle with over 700 medical and non-medical staff. This project turned into reality also because of the huge public support and common people’s trust we have received. Thank you all. After the renovated hotel complex of Kamengrad, the vault hall for exhibiting and preserving the Panagyurishte gold treasure and the multifunctional Arena Assarel sports hall, this is our most important project for the people. It is no coincidence the locals now call it the New Panagyurishte treasure”, Professor Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov said in an address to the hundreds of guests present. He gave the Prime Minister Borisov a gilded copy of the vial of the Panagyurishte gold treasure, stressing that the hospital logo was a stylized version of the beautiful Thracian vessel. With the proposal of building a chapel near Uni Hospital, dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, he presented an icon of St. Nicholas to the manager of the healthcare facility Dr. Lucia Dobreva.

The essence of the project was presented by Dr. Borislav Atsev, who stressed Uni Hospital has the most advanced high-tech equipment and highly qualified staff. “What is unique here is the fact we offer our patients comprehensive health care – from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation”, Dr. Atsev said.



Over BGN 90 million were invested in the ultra-modern Uni Hospital Medical Complex, was opened on 11 June 2016 in Panagyurishte.


  • For the first time in Bulgaria, there is such a large-size private investment in the field of healthcare, and Assarel-Medet JSC and Assarel-Panagyurishte Zdrave JSC received the Investor of the Year award for 2015.
  • For the first time in Bulgaria in the field of healthcare, such a project has been carried out through a public-private partnership. Assarel-Medet JSC, Panagyurishte Municipality and more than 100 physicians, health care specialists and non-medical staff partake in the Assarel Panagyurishte Zdrave JSC investment company.
  • For the first time in Bulgaria, such a modern medical complex has been built in a town of Panagyurishte scale.


The Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility has a world-class technical equipment and highly qualified medical specialists working in 36 specialties in the highest level of competence.


The hospital has 19 inpatient and 8 diagnostic departments and units where the complex approach is leading. More than 700 medical and non-medical staff take care of patients under the regulations of good medical practice. The complex has 310 beds allocated in comfortable double and single rooms connected to modern communication devices. The functionally linked units in the hospital provide timely and highly qualified individual support – from the ER department to fast and contemporary diagnosis to competent and high-tech treatment with the latest world-class methods. None of this could be accomplished without the unique in Bulgaria information system for fast and distant communication not only inside the hospital but also with all external partners.

The only Bulgarian web-based hospital information system has been built at Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility. The system has the ability to communicate with medical devices – patient monitors and telemetry, infusion pumps, laboratory devices, cytostatic dissolution robots, and other software programs (such as PACS) used by the medical devices, drug packing systems, accounting, payroll programs. It can work on different devices – computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones, thus further facilitating the medical teams while providing medical care services.

One of the most important wards in the hospital is the Modern Center for Complex Cancer Services.

The Oncology Center boasts the two best-in-class multimodal medical linear accelerators of the highest class in the world were introduced for Bulgaria and for Southeast Europe. Their equipment covers all indications of alternative technologies in combination with all modern conventional radiation therapy techniques, along with a stereotaxic radiation surgery system. It allows for a wide range of radiation surgical procedures and uses new real-time tumor tracking technology.

High technologies allow the simultaneous integration of diagnostic imaging methods (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography [PET], ultrasound methods, etc.) with surgical interventions, latest invasive methods, telecommunication connections with leading centers in all specialties, thus providing the Bulgarian patients with a world-class quality.

For this purpose, a surgical complex is equipped with the first for Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe hybrid Operation Theater with a robotized angiograph, where teams of various specialties will simultaneously carry out surgeries and interventions. A unique system of prevention and counteraction of nosocomial infections with possibilities for the implementation of a regional program has been integrated in Panagyurishte hospital complex. The ultra-modern microbiology laboratory for extremely fast and accurate diagnosis allows the causative agent of an infection to be identified within 5 minutes, and the treatment needed to become clear within 6 hours.

A scholarship program for medical students and healthcare professionals is in progress, and the efforts of the Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility are aimed at developing the hospital as a training base and a university center. The integrated medical care services, training and scientific achievements will enable patients to get everything they usually travel abroad for. For example, the established Cancer Board, with the international participation of leading European specialists, will discuss every cancer patient on the spot and define and carry out their complex treatment.

Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility places Panagyurishte on the healthcare map not only in Bulgaria but also in Southeastern Europe.